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Experiences & Pricing



$125 / 1 Hour

Pre or post wedding day massage. Licensed Massage Therapist, Beth offers Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Reiki massage in her on-site studio. 


Yoga Classes

$20 / Person

Take a deep breath in and exhale…staring straight into that beautiful blue ridge. We offer class for 1-25 people. First timers or daily practitioners - we can tailor to the experience of the group!

**Ask about the availability of goat yoga!!

Yoga Classes


Tube: $25 per Person

Kayak: $45 per Person

 Let us take your group on the nearby New River for a beautiful kayaking or tubing trip. We can accommodate up to 25 people and provide everything you need!


Miniature Donkey Packages

Meet Ruthie & Zaika. These little ladies come all dressed up to make your photos even more special or deliver drinks to your guests.

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Drink Delivery

$350 / Hour

Imagine your guests being delivered drinks right off the saddles of the minis! Let’s just say it’s a great way to transition to your reception.

Drink Delivery

Goat Packages

You were probably just thinking, having goats wouldn’t be a baaaad idea either. (Sorry. It’s a must.) Dasha & Masha are a hit every time!

Goat Packages

Photo Opp: Donkeys, Goats & Guests

$150 / Hour

They will mingle with your guests during the reception and the pics will be amazing. We offer little feed bags for your guests to use to bribe them into smiling.

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